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China steel plate shot blasting machine for steel plate, steel structure, steel pipe etc. and This machine will be used for the new & big project of the harbour development in Malaysia.

Dimension of the Blast cabinet is 1200mmx 2500mm with 10 wheel units and shot blasting volume is 250 kg/min for each one. The Processing flow: loading and delivery-in→shot blasting→brush cleaning→ delivery-out→ unloading

Machine Details:

Steel plate shot blasting machine

1) The number and power of the turbines are chosen according to the requirement production rate.

2) PLC control system, stable quality and easy to get support from local.

3) Component key parts adopt world famous brand, such as Siemens, Omron, Schneider, Mitsubishi.

4) With BE rotating drum separator, high separating rate

5) All shot blasting machines are totally integrated with abrasive reclaim systems, separator and dust collector.

6) 20 years experienced engineers, customized service available.

7) After-sale service support will be provided within 24 hours.


Technology parameter:
    1  Blasting  chamber  Blast Chamber Open Size: 2500mm – 1200mm
    2  Roller conveying system  Working speed: 0.5 – 4 m/min
Power: 4×2 kw
    3  Blasting nozzles  Model: Q034H
Shot blasting volume: 250 – 10 kg/min
Power: 15 – 10 kw
Quantity: Set 10


DX Blast can provide a customized designed solution to fit your requirements with our engineering and production facilities and we’re so proud that our machines meet with a favorable reception from our customers.


                                          DX  HIGH  PERFORMANCE  TURBINE

roller conveyor shot blasting machine DX HIGH PERFORMANCE TURBINE


If you have special requirements, please download Blasting Equipments Questionnaire for your reference.

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