Spare Part of Shot Blasting Machine

Spare Part of Shot Blasting Machine
Blast wheel is the key of airless shot blasting equipment, it’s longevity, high efficient, low noise emission etc.
Motor drives the impeller body rotation (direct drive or V-belt drive), by centrifugal force, the diameter of about 0.2 to 3.0 projectile (with steel balls,steel cut wire shot, stainless steel balls different type) thrown to the surface of the workpiece so that the surface of the workpiece reaches a certain roughness of the workpiece to become beautiful, or change the welding work tensile stress is compressive stress, improve the life of the workpiece
There are two kinds of impeller blades: linear blade and curved blade, which can be driven directly by an electric motor or through the belt linked with the main shaft driven by the electric motor.
The impeller body is equipped with eight blades, and the impeller body itself is arranged on the main shaft along with the sorting shots wheel which is in the center of the shot blasting wheel. The cover is lined with a guard plate, and the shell is equipped with a positioning sleeve and a shots inlet pipe. During working, the shots flows into the impeller head from the feeding pipe
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